Climate Change Is Challenging Mental Health

Teach Out For Climate was our recent Northern Vermont University-Lyndon event raising awareness about the current global crisis of our shared home.

Around the globe, mental health is declining.

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You name it, it’s being impacted. Youth populations; rural, disadvantaged, and indigenous communities; coastal regions; agriculture; tourism and sports; economics; health care; the roads and transportation; and of course, the mental well being of the current and future generations. It’s looking grim when you compare the scientific and psychological trends and patterns. It’s hard to understand why anyone would ignore this.

To address elevated psychiatric morbidity, new systems of health and socioeconomic advantages must be adapted.

Helen Berry

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So we spoke about the impacts, the hardships, the truths, realities, facts, projections, and so much more. We brought about solutions, that don’t all rely on technology, that could help protect the future from devastation. We came together to usher the call for action in urgency be heard. We advocated for Climate Resilience.

View below to see our recorded teach out event at Northern Vermont University-Lyndon:

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