Autism: Making Each Day a Brighter Tomorrow

When reading the latest Disability Scoop on The Linked Food Allergies To Autism, I couldn’t help but notice that this resourceful article could have been summed up that quite simply Autism, like any other disorder, is biological, but it specifically is making the world a better place.

The latest Scoop was rather positive in the light it shed on the recent publishing of a study producing data from nearly ten years of research. Although the article clearly states researchers still aren’t quite conclusive as to which comes first – food disorder or autism spectrum disorder (as if chicken or egg appearing first really mattered) – it also clearly states that neither is responsible for causing the other.

That’s right – Autism is still and will always be inherited.

In discussing the need to ensure individuals receive appropriate evaluation for allergies with subsequent treatment, as well as forewarning about seeking out diagnoses where none need to be addressed, another advocating statement was written,

“This is particularly true for very young children and nonverbal or minimally verbal children who may not be able to express to parents or providers the effects of allergies.”

Does this mean every time your child refuses food they’re trying to alert you of an underlying message? Not necessarily, but the need for awareness and sensitivity to the consequences of lack of treatment can be detrimental to an individual’s health if a diagnosis and treatment is in fact needed. You can ask this individual, whose young and uneducated parents largely ignored their child’s complaints of meals because the only reason was, “my tummy hurt.” And to this day, my stomach still hurts nearly every day.

Thus, we need more advocates for Autism.

Including those that are on the spectrum and have ways of effectively communicating themselves. It may take great strides through training and education, but the value of gaining perspectives from the inside goes beyond measure.

One such example, as the Disability Scoop wrote, is the new Children’s Book Offering Boy’s View of Life with Autism. A young autistic child wanted to convey what it’s like for his life in this world, and with the help of a very connected para-professional he created his own published book that details just that.

From the days of changelings becoming the stuff of folklore to now were we can attest the reality of our right to the commonplace of society, those with Autism are proving the world is brighter and wider than most imagine.

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